A Thousand Words & Lessons Learned

I have read articles that have stated that to become a better writer – you need to write.  Its not just the act of writing, there are expectations to achieve the benefit.  A thousand words a day, every day is purported to make you a better writer.

I think that it is very possible that writing a thousand words a day will work, but as an average person (aka not a Kardashian) I run out of words pretty quick. I want for this blog to be a platform to share my knowledge as well as a medium to practice writing.


I have spent so much time reading personal development and communication to try to improve other rough edges that I have little time left to practice.  That is just an excuse.

I feel disappointed that there are days when I feel like I have done little more than prepare my next set of excuses.  I guess that is part of the ebb and flow of life.

I have been through trials and tribulations in the past, and each time I have come out better for it.  I am in a similar state lately, so I am working on ME to get ready for my next set of challenges.  I am fortunate to have been given the rope to fail (too heavy a word for the situation) which had the unexpected side affect of giving me a front row view to a valuable lesson.

I have created several opportunities in the last 24 months for myself to reflect and grow.

~Lessons Learned~

Let’s start with Focus.  I know that management is where I am most happy, but I made some mistakes when I had a team of ten.  I used my autonomy (not really, but hang on) to work on personal projects.  That sounds really unethical, but I mean projects that I wanted to work on that would ultimately serve the team.

At the time, I rationalized in many of ways that I was doing what was needed and I was serving the team but that wasn’t true.  I was taking something very important from the team, accountability.  It wasn’t until recently that this lesson became visible.  I was listening to the book “Notes To A Software Team Leader” by Roy Osherove that I saw that I had taken from the team that which I needed from them the most.

I used to feel proud of myself because of the value I created, since I often needed to step in and help with the firefight.  At the same time, I was thinking that they should be able to solve these issues on their own so why can’t they.  I realize now that I was the reason that they could not fix it.

They didn’t need to because “Heath would always be there to fix it”.  What a mistake that was!  I work with an amazing team of engineers and the fact is that they are the best ones positioned to solve these problem.  I wasn’t the one that was writing the code, so why did I think I was the best one to fix it?

That was a major aha moment for me. When I read that passage in the book it gave me a substantial pause of reflection.  I was very disappointed knowing that I took that away from them.

That was a very big one for me, but there is another that I think was the most disappointing.  I learned that mentorship will not come to you – you must actively seek it out.  That is something that I expected to take place.  Someone to help guide me in directions that I would not have otherwise seen and provide affirmation in the ones that I did.

I saw a youtube from John Somnez where someone had asked about how to find a mentor and that is where the lightening bulb moment happened.  Mentors are not always seeking apprentices.  Another thing that I came to realize is that you may not realize that you are being mentored.

I learn something everyday from at least one team member everyday.  I consider this to be a form of mentoring by committee.  I have also received personal mentoring from people that have reported to me.

What I am eluding to is that I no longer believe that mentoring happens in our field like a journeyman or apprentice.  You need to take the lessons as they come and try to learn from them.  You have to ask for clarity when things are unclear or get counseled when you need guidance.

At the start of this post I mentioned how you need to write a thousand words every day in order to improve your writing skills, but at this point I only have 796…