My Experience At The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference

As the conference winds down and conference fatigue takes the stage, I start to reflect on the things I heard and what I have seen.

Earlier in my career I attended several of the Microsoft centric conferences, but when I look back I realize that most of them were little more than a sales pitch.  Too be fair, at the time I got a lot of value out of the content that was presented.

I have attended two conference in the last year, both put on by O’Reilly.  Velocity last year was great with the content on micro services.  This week I am at the Software Architecture conference in New York City (major plus because I get to see an old friend).

It seems like most of the talks were focused on micro services again, but that is where our industry is heading so it makes sense.  One of the things that I think have a lot of value at the O’Reilly conferences is the Birds of a feather lunch groups.

These are groups of attendees that want to talk about a common topic over lunch.  I didn’t stay for lunch today, but yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting with a diverse group to talk about building the architecture around the needs of the user.  This was appealing, because as an engineer we tend to get caught up in building the ideal system.  Absent of the users need, we would be happy to build a pencil factory event if they needed a single pencil just in case if it broke we could easily build more.  The chat was great.

It was also cool to hear from some of the authors of the software or books that we all seek out when we are stuck.  I got to hear talks from Sam Newman (Microservices – he has an awesome presentation style), Jay Kreps (Kafka) and Michael Nygard (Release It!).  I missed getting the free book from Jay, but I will see him later this month at the Kafka Summit.

I think there was a funny faux pas today during the keynote when a presenter from referred to african-americans as “blacks”.   Anyway, I had a great time!  Now I have to prepare slides for the presentation that I am expected to present.  Thanks O’Reilly!



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