The Unseen Challenges With The Speed Of Innovation


Listening to the keynote presentation at SACon this morning, Rebecca Parsons from Thoughtworks made an interesting point.  She spoke on the “Evolution of evolutionary architecture”.  She compared the technology roadmap today to the one of decades past.

In her talk, she said that in the past roadmaps could be projected out years and an some cases a decade whereas now, as she says, may be as little as 10 months.  As an architect, I think that is a very important point.

There are many factors outside of technology that are impacted by that acceleration.  My last role  was as the development manager and I faced the technology challenge daily.  When recruiting younger engineers you have to present a company that is fun, cutting edge and well compensated.  Compensation and fun are something that is relatively easy to achieve, but technology is a different story.

As an architect, it is my responsibility to help guide the enterprise towards responsible options, but at the same time using the best tool for the job.  The responsible part is where the real challenge lies.

The speed at which new tools and framework are being rolled out is astonishing.  How can you be on the latest and greatest and still provide a safe path for the company to move forward?  Looking back at the recruiting challenge, how can you also remain sexy if you are not on the bleeding edge?  I don’t know the answer and I am not sure that there is one.



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