Learning to learn again

I titled this post to mark my new, more aggressive approach to staying current with practice and technology.  When I first started in this career, I read many books and digital content.  At some point that happened less and less over time.

At work I noticed that there are some brilliant colleagues that seem to always be up to date on the latest tools and methodologies.  For a long time now, I wondered where they find the time to read/study these topics.  I started to get jealous of their time management.  I even had a light animosity for them, because I thought if they have all of that time to read, couldn’t they produce more features.

The more I thought about that, I realized that I was frustrated with my own time management.  One of those items that frustrated me most was my lack of focus on my own professional growth.  I used the excuse that there isn’t enough time, because {fill in the blank} was more important.

As a manager I kept getting wrapped up in projects where I was still developing resulting in less managing.  Luckily I work for a great company that allowed me to move back into a more technical role.

Recently I have started reading at level similar to when I started to learn to program and I love it.  I am going to the Software Architecture conference in New York next month and I am stoked.  I think that this time I will recognize when I start to lose the drive to read and learn so that I can get back on track..  Cheers.



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