Works on my machine

As engineers, we are always quick to tell anyone who raises an issue that it “works on my machine” as a way to dismiss them.  I have never seen it used outside of that arena.  Well, I can no longer say that.  For the last several days my tires on my car have been losing 1PSI per day.

In San Diego, we have had several days where the temperature will toggle +/- 20 degrees.  I thought that maybe the change in the pressure was due to that, but the issue remained whether it was 59 or 95.  Given that I broke down and went back to the place that I bought the tires from 3 months ago.

After about 90 minutes, they bring my car around and start to explain what they did to test it.  It all sounded legit, and then I heard those golden words.  He said that they could not find anything wrong, or aka Works On My Machine.  I laughed and then drove away hoping that the problem is gone.  Time will tell, but I think I know what to expect as the end user.


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