SmartThings, Arduino and Servo! ! Oh, my!

I have one the plexiglass battle, but I have not won the war.  I have my very simple circuit to drive three servos working, but that is only a small piece of the greater plan.


I have it setup with a small 4-AA battery pack for now while I am prototyping.  I bought the lipo rider pro from SeeedStudio to charge the battery during the day. Once I get all of the integrations working, I will swap the battery for that setup.

To communicate with the Arduino, besides the CC3000 wifi breakout, I am using the aRest server code from @marcoschwartz.  Since I was focusing on the hardware, I did my best hacking to get something working quickly.  Here is the hack to get the parameters to move the servo (don’t judge):

Once I get the hardware piece done, I will fix up that code to something that is less embarrassing.

Ok, this is where I enter my latest pit of despair 🙂  I use the SmartThings system in my house to control a lot of everyday tasks (I am really lazy).  For instance, when I walk into my kitchen the lights turn on and the turn off when I leave.  Again, Lazy!  The goal of this phase is to create a custom device in their system so that on the iPhone the blinds can be controlled with the slider control.  Below is what the Phillips Hue device type so you can see what the slider would look like.


Due to my insecurity issues, I tend to not post questions on  forums, but tonight I have reached out. lol.  The SmartThings community is very helpful, so I figured I might be able to solve my issue with their help.

Let’s see what they come up with.



4 thoughts on “SmartThings, Arduino and Servo! ! Oh, my!

  1. Very very interested to know if you ever got this figured out! Cause I’ve got an Arduino, a servo, SmartThings, and this is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish with with my blinds and the dimmer slider in SmartThings…


    1. Well… I have switched to using the raspberry pi zero. Hooking up the arduino and the CC3000 wi-fi board burned through the battery to fast. I was having issues trying to connect the servo to rod in the blinds. I ended up buying a 3D printer, but I haven’t finished it yet. How far have you gotten?


      1. I could see the high power consumption with the CC3000, but I’m actually using a super cheap NodeMCU which programs as an Arduino but has wifi built in and goes for only $4 on eBay.

        As for connecting to the blinds, I’m actually taking out the gearbox that the tilting rod connects to and connecting the servo straight to the metal hex shaft the gearbox connected to with a 1/4″ servo spline coupler found here:


      2. I thought about getting one of the couplers when I was thinking about using a stepper motor. I never thought about using one with a servo. Thanks for sharing the link, I will probably buy one.


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