Opening my kimono

I had never heard of the phrase “Open my kimono” until a tough question was asked of a candidate.  If I remember, it was one of those personality type questions where the answer didn’t matter as much their honesty and sincerity.  Once we had posed the question the candidate fumbled a bit and then exclaimed “Look, I am not going to simply sit here and open my kimono”.  The gist was he was not going to allow us to dig any deeper then his superficial facade.  In the end, its ok.  I learned a new idiom.

Ok, now that I have set the stage I can tell you about my kimono opening today.  The company that I work for is a subsidiary of a sizable organization with a broad IT department.  After our merger everyone started to see where there were “synergies” (I hate that word).  Today the IT leadership from the other two were in our house to gain an understanding of our portfolio and see where it could be leveraged within their teams.

Of course, I was center stage to give an overview of the new platform so we can some  feedback from them.  Peeling back the onion or opening my kimono, its all the same.  I had to show and give explanation for all of the decisions that were made.  Even with my preparation, I think the sheer amount of brain power in the room caused me to speed through the PowerPoint and stumble for words.  Love it.

Luckily there were a number of engineers from my team that was able to pick up the slack.  Once the presentation was over, we got into a lot of discussion around some of the more infrastructure points in the design.  From there I was fine, but whatever I can laugh about it now.

We have another round tomorrow for a couple of hours, but I think the pre-game jitters are gone.  We will see…


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