Developer Experience

A few years ago, before I joined my current company I spent a year doing Java development.  It wasn’t long after I started that I came to the realize that the Java thing wasn’t for me.  Don’t get me wrong, Java is great (because it is like c#) but it was the surrounding ecosystem that I didn’t assimilate into.

I found that I was spending more time trying to cobble together a solution from a mix bag of open source projects.  The documentation was either out of date or not well written.  I find this to be a symptom stemming from the free nature of Java.  I say free, because of the low barrier to entry with tools like eclipse or netbeans.

This was back in 2008 and since then I think the open source community has changed a lot.  There seems to be more community support for these tools and frameworks.  A lot of time, you have reasonable access to the creator.

I mention all of this to relate to a comment that I heard on an episode of .NetRocks.  They were talking about the tooling around Typescript and how it has good tooling to go with it.  They contrasted the developer experience with C# developers in Visual Studio and that of JavaScript.  As a C# developer, I can attest that JavaScript sucks.  Just kidding, it has its place.

I think that makes a lot of sense.  I am not a Microsoft fanboy, but they make a great developer experience from top to bottom.  I know that some will scoff, but I don’t have to try to rummage about to find all of the tools I need to make a production ready system.  The Microsoft stack has its own issues, but by in large it works pretty well.

And now, time for the fanboy in me:  I have been working with open source tools at home for quite a while.  I pretty much have the same issues at home, but without the pressure of meeting a production date.  Now that they have open sourced .NET, I can leave MonoDevelop (Xamarin) in the dust.  While that tool worked, it is mediocre at its best when compared to Visual Studio.  I am not sure how to end this post, so


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