Effective Communication

One of the things that I have always struggled with is communicating effectively.  I tend to make huge assumptions that people can read my mind.  Sadly they can’t and I end up looking like a court jester.

Recently I presented an analysis I did which showed how our business operates.  Historically we have modeled our applications based on the data rather than the business.  Since I have the opportunity to redesign the enterprise, it seemed like a worthwhile endeavor to relearn the business.

Anywho, I spent a good deal of time crafting my Visio’s and perfecting my slides.  Needless to say wih all of that prep, the presentation was well received.  I would like for everyone to go that well, but…

I think my takeaway is that every presentation needs to have the same level of preparation (sounds simple, I know)

This really hit home when recently  I presented to my CIO. After the presentation, he asked why would I present something so unpolished.  Again, I made sum assumptions on how the casual (or non-casual) the audience was.  He was right!

Lesson Learned!


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