Velocity 2015 Pre-recap

I am back from the 2015 Velocity Conference in San Jose and I can say it was awesome.  I met a lot of smart people and industry thought leaders.  There was so much information to soak up, so I am going to collect my thoughts and write some good posts.  The first day was spent in a tutorial on Distributed Systems with Jay Edwards.  He was one of the first 10 employees at Twitter, so he has seen a thing or two about growing a massively distributed system.

Over the course of the conference, sitting in various sessions, I started thinking about OSS and how it allows these large companies to make big things happen.  I already use some OSS at home, but I think it is time to start a shift towards some of these great tools at work.  I always used the argument that we needs to use off the shelf software so that we can get support, but with the community support that these tools have it may no longer be a barrier.

There is a lot of digestion that I need to do with the information that was presented before I can share anything substantive.  Until then…


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