Give it another go

I titled this blog “Refactor Again…And Again” for a couple of reasons.  I started a blog a couple of years ago and posted a decent number of posts on software engineering topics. Not to long after I started that we expanded our family with the birth of my son, which took a lot of our time.  Starting this blog is 50% of the “Again” in the title .  The remainder describes the feeling that I get when I review my code that I had written yesterday.

Reflecting on the code that I write before gives me a chance to validate that I am still improving as an engineer or a wake up that I am not.  Each of us were beginners at one time and that leveled the playing field.  From there we are molded by the projects we work on, our mentors and lastly our own passion for the craft.

I think that having passion for this art is the most important.  I have noticed over the years that engineers who do not love this job typically do not make it very far.  In this industry, if you are not keeping up with knowledge of the trends will severely hamper your marketability.  I often wonder how marketable I will be when I am over 50.  At some point technology will evolve and the skill that you started with will likely cease to be mainstream.  I would guess this is what the older COBOL programmers are going through now.  I once worked with an engineer who was working on a web project with me and stated she did not have time to learn another language, JavaScript.  I admit learning a new framework or language can present challenges, but engineers are problem solvers and we can conquer it!

I guess the underlying meaning in this post is that this is another attempt to improve.  I am hoping that writing this blog will help me with my communication skills.  I often suffer as an architect because I have a hard time communicating my ideas and concepts.  Luckily I work with a team of brilliant engineers who can “speak Heath”.  The other wish is that I can give back to the community what it gave me when I needed some help.  We will see…


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